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synonymous of tradition, innovation and ecology for years in manufacturing loom chairs, armchairs and beds, as well as tables, outdoors and pool furniture, house and hotel furnishing.

Since 2008 also with Greentech absolute novelty: always more characterized by ecology and nature.

If you are looking for a loom chair, a quality loom armchair or accessories for your house and hotel, like loom night tables and baskets have a look to our products’ area and contact us.


We have several items for pool, outdoor furniture, and general-purpose products for home furnishing. We also serve little and big hotels. Furnishing for hotels all other the world.

Our quality and care, respect of nature characterizes the production in each single phase of each items and it is famous since decades. Besides the chairs, armchairs and beds (with the relative complements like loom night tables and basket), don’t forget tables and coffee tables for your living room or garden.


A special vegetal fibre - the Woven fibre - winded firmly in a tight coil around a metal core, fixed on a solid beech structure: this is the main characteristic of furniture conceived by Marshall Burns Lloyd at the beginning of the last century.

Developed a short time before the beginning of the 1st World War, the Woven fibre had been largely used during the wartime, when other materials, like rattan, could hardly reach Great Britain and the United States. But, only by 1919, Marshall Lloyd succeed in making a loom able to bear a large-scale industrial production of the fabric known as Lloyd Loom.


From that first intuition on came items like the Feeling armchair, whose charm is today still unequalled. Their success is easy to explain: the elegance of the design and the high durability have allowed the furniture Lloyd Loom to afford without fear the years passing, whereas different products have failed the time trial. Unlike plastic materials the Woven fibre doesn't overheats, if exposed directly to the sun, and it is well-aired; the metal wire doesn't misshape by use, leaving unaltered the regular wattle of weft and warp, which doesn't present any projections or harshness to the touch. Chairs’ collection at Twickenham’s rugby stadium.


You could find us at Santa Lucia di Piave, in the surroundings of Conegliano, Treviso, Veneto, Italia; adjoining the national road SS13 Pontebbana. Within reach and at few minutes even in case of arrival by plane: airport Treviso or Venice Italia.


Appreciated in Germany, the Netherlands and all the Anglo-Saxon world since that age, Lloyd Loom Italia has been able to renew the Loom collections splendours: the passion and the manual ability transfused in every detail, distinguishing marks of the "made in Italy", have given a new lymph to a tradition, that has been with its customers for more than 80 years


Not only chairs: our loom beds' lines will find your satisfaction; each bed is available to be linked together with several feet of different material, colour, height. You’ll find a wide range of pictures in the products' area of area website.


The countless shapes that solid wood (for example tables and coffee tables) can assume thanks to the more innovative bending techniques, legacy of the Lloyd Loom Italia (in Santa Lucia di Piave, a few kilometres from Venice, Veneto) can explain the interest that has moved in some of the best Italian and Europeans designers. Together with the proverbial flexibility of the Woven fibre they have allowed the achievement of a totally original style. Its characteristics permeate every production that goes from the living room to the bedroom without overlooking the classical armchairs and the outdoor furniture. To the last one are dedicated, in particular, the chairs, the little tables and the chaises lounges of the Sun Rain collection (picture). Ideal for an elegant veranda or by a fresh swimming pool, the outdoor products of Lloyd Loom Italia match the strength of the structure, realized in Virarò wood, with the special protective film, which assures a particular resistance of colours to the sun and other weather inclemency action.


Our website outlooks in a particularly detailed way the area of the products available actually; they are divided in several categories and subtypes to get an easier consultation. If you are interested in home furnishing you could have a look to the day’s and night’s area; you’ll find the loom chair you prefer, the table and the loom armchair for your living room but also the excellent and quality loom bed, with the complements like night tables and baskets. Loom chairs and armchairs with leather or fabric insertions; armchairs and tables of different measures and for all tastes, tables and coffee tables.

The pool areas describes in the details our chairs and outdoor furniture production, for the pool. Whatever is your requirement in home furnishing’s terms, you’ll find here some useful suggestions.


Our products are particularly required like excellent and quality items for the furnishing of hotels and ice-cream shops. Resistant and respectful of the nature; Loom Italia is since ever synonym of quality, innovation and ecology. Link together the right tables to the chair you will choose: to have an idea of how they look to the pictures or download a catalogue from the dedicated page; take the time you need, it is worth.


The main desire of Antonio and Mario Codognotto, the founders of this Society, is that every one of their creations becomes part of the everyday-life of people, who choose them, for a long while.


Take the way out from the motorway A27 in Conegliano, and at the 2nd crossing (it's a T crossing) turn right direction Conegliano-Treviso. At the 1st traffic lights turn left, direction Treviso.

Drive along the SS13 that's the ring road of Conegliano, passing through 4 traffic lights. A little bit before the 5th traffic lights (after the Susegana's road sign) you'll find the Electrolux Factory on the left side of the road, an Opel car dealer and the SME Stores on the right side, at the traffic lights turn left direction S. Lucia di Piave.

About 800 meters after, driving along the Electrolux Factory (on the left side) and after a little hump, take the first road left (via Artigianato) and ring the bell at the first gate you meet, always on the left side of the road (n. 1).  The house is the one at the corner of the road you just left behind you, it has yellow door and window frames and waterspouts, external stairs and, on the sun curtain at the 1st floor, there's the writing Codognotto.



Great news 2008

“Healthy" products. Clean products. ECOLOGIC products.

GREENTECH LLOYD LOOM WOVEN FIBRE is the solution for our day’s ecologic challenge: from the selection of the raw materials to the production process.

This new line has been drawn for who needs originality, for who brings new ideas, which respect man and the environment in which they live.


Loom is a special vegetal fibre winded firmly in a tight coil around a metal core. The whole is fixed on a solid bended beech structure.


It is used an ecologic water-painting system for culture and environment’s respect.


An alive and beating material, which allows to be plunged in an involving experience.

Wood breathes and creates energy. Energy, which sets off either man or nature.



For any further requirements you may need, don’t hesitate and contact us.


Have a good vision.


You could find us near Conegliano Treviso TV Venezia Venice Veneto Italia Italy - Via Artigianato 31025 Santa Lucia di Piave.


Lloyd Loom Italia by Serramenti Granzotto di Codognotto A. & M. snc via Cal del Mulino 15

Tel +39 0438 451057

Fax +39 0438 451066


Lloyd Loom Italia is leader in the production of chair chairs, chair with arms, armchair, armchairs beds, loom beds, pool’s tables and outdoors furniture.

Great news 2008 Greentech, more attention for an ecologic, healthy and clean product.

Get in touch with us for any requirement you may need for house and hotel furnishing.

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